OmniTouch 7 is on Fire!

The OmniTouch 7 Touchscreen has received a lot of attention this month!

HiddenWires magazine has a complete article written by S&A's Director of Marketing, Greg Rhoades

CEPro magazine gives the OT 7 a nod; as does the Home Controls Blog.

Residential Systems magazine heavily featured the product in their Integration Guide to Touchpanels.

Touchscreens will be shipping this month.

OmniTouch 7 Announcement and Webinar

Yesterday, Leviton Security & Automation sent our distributors and dealers information on an exciting upcoming product, the OmniTouch 7 Touchscreen.

The OmniTouch 7 is anticipated to ship during August 2013 with better technology, faster processing power, and upgraded graphics.  Featuring a 7" high-definition capacitive touch with swipe abilities, the latest advancement in Leviton's touchscreen offering provides enhanced video surveillance viewing and attractive, easy-to-use interfaces. Available in black and white.

Technical Specification Sheet>>

5.7 or 5.7e Migration Guide>>

July 10th English Webinar>>

July 10th Spanish Webinar>>

Leviton Security & Automation UpdatesTech Sheets

Leviton S&A is updating all existing documents to reflect the new brand of Leviton Security & Automation.

While doing so, we're updating marketing and technical copy, images, and formatting.

Below are the latest additions:

Access Control Technical Sheet

C3 Technical Sheet

IP Indoor/Outdoor Camera Technical Sheet

Hi-Fi 2 4x4 Technical Sheet

Hi-Fi 2 8x8 Technical Sheet

HAI by Leviton Now Shipping KNX Gateway

HAI by Leviton announced today the launch of its KNX Gateway, an interface allowing HAI by Leviton’s Omni and Lumina Ethernet-based controllers to communicate with and control KNX devices through KNX’s standardized network communications BUS protocol. Lighting devices, temperature and energy management, motors for window coverings, shades, shutters and more are among the many KNX devices that can be controlled in homes and businesses from an HAI by Leviton interface or automated via controller programming. 

Read the full press release here.

Download the technical specification sheet here.

Download the installation manual here.

HAI by Leviton Releases Controller Firmware 3.11

HAI by Leviton released Version 3.11 Firmware for the OmniPro II, Omni IIe, Omni LTe, Lumina Pro, and Lumina.  Check out the chart below to see what features were added with each firmware update!  What are you missing out on?

Need to update your firmware?  If it's a non-flash board (pre 02/08), then you need to secure the latest firmware upgrade chip.  If you have a newer board, it is capable of remotely upgrading.  View this Knowledge Base article to find out how!

Version 3.11

- Added support for the KNX gateway.
- Added support for the Omni LTe controller.
- Reduced poll rate on Z-Wave locks to extend battery life.

Version 3.10

- Added support for ZigBee shades.
- Added ZigBee LCM power demand.
- Added Support for HTX 2 / GUI Pages to the Extended Setup.
- Added support for ZigBee and Z-Wave locks. 

Version 3.9

Added support for Extended Setup information.

Version 3.8

- Added support for new Leviton Viza RF Zone Controllers.
- Added support for CoolMaster.

Version 3.7

  - Added support for ZigBee units and thermostats.
  - Modified to allow baud rate to be adjusted for Lutron HomeWorks and CentraLite.
  - Added ZigBee Enroll and Disband feature to the "Edit ZigBee Address" dialogs for units and thermostats. 

Version 3.6

- Added support for HAI Hi-Fi 2.

Version 3.5

- Added support for Carrier Infinity / Bryant Evolution thermostats.

Version 3.4

- Added support RadioRA 2.
- Added support for Somfy ILT.
- Added support for baud rates up to 115,200 on serial ports 2 through 4 on the main board.  Port 1 and the Hardware Serial Expander port are limited to 9600 baud.

New Connectivity Partner: HAI4U iOS App

Want to control your home or business from a Customized iPad app? We just added a new Connectivity Partner in the interfaces category!

The iOS app, HAI4U, can include floor plans and more, and connects to Omni and Lumina security and automation control systems. (This app was created by Eloka, a top distributor of HAI by Leviton products, based in India. They offer complete interface customization services, too!)

Go here for more information.

HAI by Leviton Releases Omni-Bus Scene Controller

The new Omni-Bus Scene Controller defines up to 32 different scenes and controls a total of 256 Omni-Bus load control modules. Each scene can be triggered from up to eight different Omni-Bus input device buttons, including the wall switch, wall mount remote, switch interface or key fob remote.

When used in conjunction with an HAI by Leviton control system and Omni-Bus Interface Translator, users can trigger scenes from an HAI controller, touchscreen or smartphone/tablet application. Multiple Omni-Bus Scene Controllers may be installed on the network for additional scene capability.

Omni-Bus products are CE and C-Tick compliant.

Read the full press release here.

French Technical Spec Sheets

HAI by Leviton has Technical Specification Sheets available for many products.

Uploaded recently are four French language versions:

Snap-Link Mobile for iPhone Technical Sheet (French)

Omni LTe Technical Sheet (French)

Hi-Fi 2 4x4 Technical Sheet (French)

Cellular Communication Center Technical Sheet (French)


Hi-Fi 2 Free App Now Available in iTunes Store

HAI by Leviton just released a free, stand-alone app for the Hi-Fi 2.  The app works with both the 4x4 and 8x8 models (four zone, four source and eight zone, eight source) and the interface replicates the familiar Volume Source Control (view the screenshot below).  The app is available on iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. 

Click here to download the free app for Hi-Fi 2 Distributed Audio Systems.

For those keeping count, HAI by Leviton now has three apps in the iTunes app store, two of which are entirely free!

All-inclusive app: Snap-Link Mobile
A/V Control (free) app: HTX2
Distributed Audio (free) app: Hi-Fi 2

Watch the SPANISH Omni LTe Presentation

Omni LTe (Spanish)
Recorded October 10, 2012 (about 23 minutes)

Jay Correa de HAI by Leviton, discutirá el nuevo Omni LTe. El Omni LTe es un miembro de la familia de controladores para el hogar, Omni, y cae entre el Omni LT y Omni IIe. El Omni LTe es un tablero de tamaño completo, de HAI, para el control del hogar con memoria flash y cinco puertos de serie, así como un puerto Ethernet para acceso remoto. El sistema proporciona comodidad, seguridad, conveniencia y ahorro de energía mediante la coordinación de iluminación, calefacción y aire acondicionado, seguridad, escenas y mensajería basados en la actividad y horarios.

Presenters: Jay Correa, HAI by Leviton Latin American Territory Sales Manager
Organizer: Greg Rhoades, HAI by Leviton Director of Marketing


HAI by Leviton Announces NEW Omni LTe Controller

HAI by Leviton announced today the launch of its new Omni LTe home control system.  The Omni LTe can control up to 32 individual lighting loads, accommodate up to four access control readers and coordinate up to four thermostats.

The Omni LTe supports the following protocols and products: X-10, UPB, Omni-Bus, ZigBee, Vizia RF Z-Wave, Clipsal C-Bus, Dynalite, Coolmaster, KNX, HAI Hi-Fi and HAI Hi-Fi 2.

Read the full press release here.

Download the LTe Tech Sheet here.

Compare the entire Omni product line here.

View the product website here.

HAI by Leviton Unveils Hi-Fi 2 Four Zone, Four Source Distributed Audio System

HAI by Leviton announced today the Hi-Fi 2 Four Zone, Four Source (4x4) Distributed Audio System.

The new version is a more compact and inexpensive extension of the company’s revolutionary Hi-Fi 2 system, ideal for controlling, sharing and listening to audio systems in buildings with multiple units, such as townhomes, luxury hotel suites, condominiums and small office buildings. The system can be controlled via the included remote control or directly by the free Android or iPhone application.

The HAI by Leviton Hi-Fi 2 4x4 will be available in all markets during Q4 2012.

Read the full press release here.

HAI by Leviton Device Wins CustomRetailer EXC!TE Award

HAI by Leviton announced today that its Omni-Bus 900W Dimmer DIN Rail has been named a winner for CustomRetailer magazine’s EXC!TE Awards.

The 900W Dimmer DIN Rail will be honored among the best products at CEDIA EXPO 2012 on Thursday, September 6, in Indianapolis, Indiana.

“HAI by Leviton is proud to receive recognition for the flexible Omni-Bus 900W from CustomRetailer magazine, which identifies innovative, high-performing and solutions-oriented products for the custom installation professional,” explained Greg Rhoades, Director of Marketing for HAI by Leviton. “Customers worldwide are realizing the benefits of a central lighting control system with the flexibility of a distributed lighting control system, capable of controlling up to 256 lights, shades, fans, shutters and pumps.” 

Read the full release here.

HAI by Leviton CFL LED Dimmer Now Shipping

The HAI 600W CFL/LED Dimmer is now shipping.  The device is UL listed for CFL and LED bulbs with the ability to control up to 600 Watts of incandescent or Halogen bulbs. The 600W CFL/LED Dimmer – HAI by Leviton part number 35A00-1CFL – features a special dimming curve that is optimized for CFL and LED bulbs to provide smooth dimming throughout the entire range.

Read the full press release here.

Bluetooth RIM is a Finalist for RESI Award at CEDIA

HAI's upcoming Bluetooth Remote Input Module (for HAI's distributed audio systems) is a Finalist in the Residential Systems magazine RESI Awards! Winners will be announced at CEDIA!

Click here for the full list of Finalists and details about the award announcement.

Drop by CEDIA Booth #3449 to see HAI's Bluetooth RIM!

Another HAI Demo Video in Italian!

Thanks to HAI Distributors, Domotica Integrata, for translating another HAI demonstration video.

The Italian-language translation explains stand-alone AV control from your iPhone or iPad using HAI's Home Theater Extender 2 hardware and free app.  (View the English and Spanish versions on HAI's YouTube channel.)

HAI Demo Video + Product Guide in Italian Lanuage

HAI Distributors, Domotica Integrata, have translated an HAI demonstration video.  The video, in Italian, explains stand-alone AV control with an iPad.

Click here to download their Italian language Product Guide.

Music Gateway Update: Hundreds of Internet Streaming Radio Stations

Now, users can play select URL streams, including some that provide meta-data!  Watch HAI's Jason Stinson give a video demonstration in the video below.  Note that this free update for HAI's Music Gateway does not connect to heavily encrypted and Pandora or Spotify which use proprietary players and formats.   The Music Gateway can stream a URL that plays the media in a non-proprietary format, for instance, if the radio stations play in Windows Media Player.  You can find hundreds of available stations in the Media Guide within Windows Media Player. 


HAI Snap-Link for Kindle Fire Now Available

HAI announced today that Snap-Link is now available in the Amazon Marketplace for download on a Kindle Fire.

By downloading the application developed by HAI, users gain the ability to control their entire HAI home or business from an affordable Kindle Fire device.

Read the full press release here. 


HAI Smart Grid Solutions Announce Significant In-Home Display Product Improvements, Version Specific to Texas Retail Marketplace

HAI announced the 81A00-2TXN specific to the Texas retail marketplace, in addition to several family-wide improvements.

In the interest of environmental sensitivity, the 81A00-2TXN IHD has no internal battery and features a USB port for power.  The USB port also allows for firmware updates available with a free online tool, and the IHD handles future over the air updates.  The IHD supports Time of Use and Inclining Block Rate; shows historic graphs (daily/weekly/monthly); and has support for Multi-ESI.

Read the full press release here.


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