Winning the App War with Cross-Platform Consistency

From Residential Systems magazine (April edition):

The first smartphone app for HAI by Leviton was developed for Windows phones in 2008, and the company’s series of app designs have run the gamut from the old Philips Pronto remote to the latest e-readers. Director of marketing Greg Rhoades said that adapting to a variety of interfaces has been a huge challenge.

“Before, we would create one interface design, and we knew exactly where it would go–our 3.9-inch touchscreen,” he explained. “We knew the exact constraints for resolutions and the physical capabilities of the hardware. Now, everything has to be adaptive, whether you’re using the app on the iPad mini, a full iPad, or an iPod touch, it should have a similar, yet scaled, appearance.”

Rhoades, from HAI by Leviton, said that the biggest outside influence is the mere ubiquity of apps in the world. “Now, everyone has a touchscreen in their car dashboard, in their pocket, in their purse, on their TV remote,” he said. “Consumers now expect a dynamic design with complete functionality and have plenty of comparisons around them 24/7.”

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