Automate Your Music: Auto-Time Out after X Minutes

An HAI by Leviton customer recently wondered, "I use a motion detector in my bathroom to turn on the audio zone.  Can I set this to automatically time out after a certain period of time?"

YES!  Our Director of Technical Services explains in detail below, you can time-out by second, minute, or hour.  Also, establish a "User Setting" so that you can adjust the duration of audio from your iPhone or Touchscreen at any time!

Here's how:

You will need to use a Flag and a Button (or two) also.  Use the Flag to set the duration and use the Button(s) to manually or programmatically turn the Audio Zone on/off.

First, name a Flag (e.g. BR Flag).  Second, name the Buttons (e.g. BR Audio On and BR Audio Off).  Third, name the Audio Zone (e.g. Bedroom).

Next, create the following programming:

WHEN BR Audio On
            THEN Bedroom AUDIO ON
            THEN BR Flag ON FOR 20 MINUTES

WHEN BR Flag Off
            THEN Bedroom AUDIO OFF

WHEN BR Audio Off
            THEN BR Flag OFF

Now when you run the “BR Audio On” User Button, the bedroom audio will come on for the duration that is set by the “BR Audio” Flag.  When you run the “BR Audio Off” User Button, the bedroom audio will turn off.

To make this even more functional, you can add a User Setting to manually control the duration.  You will need to name a User Setting (e.g. BR Audio Timer) and configure the Setting Type to “Duration”.  Then, change the first program block as follows:

WHEN BR Audio On
            THEN Bedroom AUDIO ON
            THEN BR Flag ON FOR BR Audio Timer

You can manually or programmatically set the duration (i.e. BR Audio Timer) to: indefinitely (don’t turn off), 1-99 seconds (turn off in this many seconds), 1-99 minutes (turn off in this many minutes, or 1-18 hours (turn off in this many hours).

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