Watch the Omni LTe Presentation

Omni LTe Controller
Recorded October 3, 2012
(about 15 minutes)

Download Presentation Used During Webinar (PDF - 2 MB)

HAI by Leviton's Thomas Pickral discusses the brand new Omni LTe. The Omni LTe is a member of the Omni family of home controllers, and falls between the Omni LT and the Omni IIe. The Omni LTe is a full sized HAI home control board with flash memory and five serial ports, as well as an Ethernet port for remote access. The system provides enhanced comfort, safety, convenience and energy savings by coordinating lighting, heating and air, security, scenes and messaging based on activity and schedules.

Presenter: Thomas Pickral, Jr., Director of Product Management
Organizer: Greg Rhoades, Director of Marketing


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